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about eatPGH

About eatPGH | eatPGH

Photo credit: Cayla Zahorn

eatPGH consists of four friends who have lots in common, especially their love for food in and around Pittsburgh!

Laura Zorch has never met a sugary treat she didn’t like. Fact: Her body is composed of 80% water and 20% cake. Laura holds a master’s degree in Arts Management from Carnegie Mellon University, which helps in her day job as an arts administrator.

Sarah Sudar is passionate about two food groups: cupcakes and french fries, and isn’t afraid to order dessert and coffee after a huge meal. She received her master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication (along with Julia) in 2011 and is happy to report that she is actually using her degree wisely. When she isn’t writing about food, she can be found in the gym trying to burn off some of those extra cupcake calories.

Mandy McFadden has a lifelong goal to eat her way across the continental United States and she’s making good progress. That being said, Pittsburgh is still one of her favorite spots to do just about anything, especially eat. When Mandy isn’t stuffing her face with the city’s best pizza, she is scouting out her next travel destination and working as a digital marketer for an national advertising agency. Mandy can usually be found with an ice cream cone in hand.

Julia Gongaware is an accomplished eater and holds a master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. When she’s not searching for her next great food adventure, which in her case usually involves a cheeseburger, she’s researching social media trends for the health care industry. She resides in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Little Italy.